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November 16, 2009



So, having said this, would you recommend this kind of job to a "growing" photographer? I am sure, anything has its pitfalls, however photography business is not only taking about taking pictures and making them work, but also traveling, meeting new people, seeing new places! right? I think this is what makes it so amazing and entertaining!

Jim Richardson


Here's the deal from my point of view. I only recommend photography to people who I couldn't stop with a sledge hammer anyway. And if all you want to do is travel, meet new people and see new places, then it might be cheaper to just buy a cruise ticket. You're right on all those accounts, and I certainly have enjoyed all of what you describe. Yes, photography is amazing. Surviving in it as a business that has to pay the bills is another matter. And actually making the pictures that can contribute something is real tough work.

But I love the work. Wouldn't have done anything. You couldn't have stopped me.

Thanks, Jim

Nacho Hernandez

Jim, thanks for sharing your thoughts on how to stay alive and true. Good luck with the new focus of the blog. I'll certainly be reading!



Jim Richardson

Nacho, thanks for reading. I'll rummage around the old brain and see if there is anything still in there.


Roger Wyrick


I applaud the new focus. I continue to learn from your experience. Making my images work (to be seen and to have an impact on the world) is exactly the next step in my progress as a photographer. I am looking forward to your new blogs. I do hope you continue to include a few blogs on the technical side of your images. I have learned a great deal from your previous discussions here.

Roger Wyrick


Roger, the nerd in me would never let the philosopher monster take over entirely. I'll do some rooting around.


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