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December 31, 2009



Thanks for the background on what it takes to make a great photo. This blog post inspired me to do something I should have done years ago. I finally subscribed to the National Geographic Magazine. I probably won't get the issue with this article, but I'm sure the next issues will have some other inspiring articles.

Travel Photography

Man, that opening really opened my heart. It's breathstealer, and really sets the distances between a professional and the amateurs.

Jeroen Mentens

What an great image!
When we visited the Old Man of Storr a couple of years ago visibility was only about 20m or so.

Roger Wyrick

This photograph is truly inspiring. What a great photograph! Please share the camera settings for this shot. I am always interested in how you achieve these great photos.

Carsten Bockermann


after reading the NG article I think I will have to visit the Hebrides some time soon. It's great to read some background information on the photos here. Seems like you encountered some magical light there as in the pictures on p. 69 and pp.75-75 of the magazine. I also like the way you used flash to separate the Callanish stones from the background in the picture on pp. 56-57.

Cary Conover

Thanks for linking to a higher-resolution version. You can really sense the light is fading fast here. Happy New Year

Jim Richardson

Jeroen, too bad you had a no-visibility day. I've been up there when it was pouring rain and wondered why I wasn't back in Portree drinking tea.

Jim Richardson

Carsten, it's a great place to visit. Try to get out to St. Kilda if you can. Not easy but worth trying. Lots of islands I haven't gotten to yet so I'll be heading back myself.

Jordi Busqué

Jim, this is one of the most astonishing landscapes I've ever seen.

It's very interesting to know this information about the edition process at NG. Wouldn't be even more interesting if you showed us also the images that didn't got selected?

Congratulations for your work!

Roger Bradbury

This picture, and the one of the standing stones, make me want to go out and do some landscape photography.

But I don't like landscape photography. It bores me! Shows how impressed I am.

Juha Haataja

Thanks for such an inspiring story and behind-the-scenes description of the hard work needed!

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