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January 02, 2010



What a wonderful series of blog posts, Jim. Perfect to read while riding out the year's first snowstorm here.


How refreshing to read such an honest account of the creative process, free of the self adulation that seems so common.

Thank you.


Jim, I have read with great interest and admiration the last few set of blogs and appreciate the stories behind the pictures very much. You do such a great job of (very modestly) simplifying all the hard work that goes behind your well thought out pictures. I am happy that your results for all this hard work are these astonishing and beautiful pictures.


I am really enjoying these posts. We don't often get to know about the circumstances of the photographs we see in articles. Plus, it is interesting to hear how particular photographs are selected for the stories they accompany.

Thank you for the insights into your work.


This is my favorite image of this NG story. I'm looking forward for the rest of this great behind-the-scenes series.

Juha Haataja

An excellent description of the case when search for a photo makes one not see another that is just waiting to be taken.

Luca Baldassarre

How inspiring is to read your behind-the-scenes! And how strongly it reminds me to never let myself be locked into expectation of what to photograph, but always be open to see what's in front of you.

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