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January 01, 2010


Carsten Bockermann

The relatively cool light made me think it was flash (as in SB-900) that helped light the stones. Didn't occur to me that an LED flashlight would also produce this color.

Many thanks for sharing information on the process.

Jim Richardson

Carsten, often I would have added a warming filter to the LED to bring it closer to daylight. But in this case it seems to bring about the cold grey of the stones.


That is a truly amazing photo of the Calanais stones. A first-generation Lewis exile, they never fail to inspire me, no matter how often return to them.

Peter Hovmand

Many thanks for a very well done picture. Love everything about, especially the coolness of the color :)

Carsten Bockermann

Jim, I just came across the story you did on Scotland in the Septemer '96 issue of NGM. It also contains a photograph of the Callanish stones. A very different interpretation of the same subject, though. Through the person leaning on a stone the viewer gets a sense of scale - which makes the stones seem much smaller than in your recent photograph.
I think in general the NGM tends to show a lot more pictures that contain people. Your Hebrides story is special insofar that there is not a single person to be seen, and yet it conveys the mood of the place very strongly.


great job! and nice idea to throw some light on the stones using a torch!

Michael Alan Bielat

Amazing picture and nice use of HDR. Wish I could visit there someday.

Tree surgeons milton keynes

Lovely post and I love the pictures! keep them coming I thourghly enjoyed it

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