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February 01, 2010



Jim, re your puffin picture. This is one of the most beautiful puffin portraits I have ever seen. It shows the bird in its habitat, being curious and cheeky, but it's not in your face, like so many are. This is perfect, I love it.


dang, meant to say - if you ever decide to print it up for sale, let me know - I'll be in there for at least 2 copies.

Ross Blakey

Thank you for sharing. Indeed, it was a pleasure to read your blogs on the different frames that were selected and your final one on those not selected. Wish you well on all your future endeavors.

Vinay Nair

I am fascinated with the photographing experience; probably more than the photographs themselves. Ever since I was introduced to the Geographic by Michael Nichol's work on the Megatransect, I have been painfully curious of what being in the field must do to the souls of photographers; those hours spent alone, something so primitive unfolding in front of your eyes; the photographs must surely not be enough to express your experience. Atleast not for the viewer, because though you may want to leave more to the imagination, these photographs are brimming with mystery and my overwhelming feeling is to want to go to this place.

And I second RobG, the puffin picture is great.


Vinay, thanks for your comments. You've gone deep into one of the questions that always lurks behind the photographs: is the photograph a reflection of the experience or is it a separate experience on its own. Certainly the two are tied together is some way, a "mysterious" way as you imply. I never want to pretend that the photograph can substitute for the experience of actually being there. And yet the photograph does something else, it reveals something, that just being there cannot. After all, if another photographer goes there, they will never come back with exactly the same picture. So the photograph is not a pure substitute for being there, it is always unique to the particular experience of who was there. Much must always be left to the imagination, which is a very powerful part of the photograph.

Thanks for helping me think about this. And I'm glad if one of my photographs actually makes someone like you want to go to one of these places.


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