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February 20, 2010



This is the second photographer's blog I've read today that reinforces the virtues and necessities of simple problem solving in photography. While I don't think I've solved any problems by reading the blogs, I'm a little more excited about the next time I'm out there...

- Marshall

Jim Richardson

Marshall, thanks for the note. Here's the tow lessons in short form.

One, buy and carry a reflector. Or a reflector/diffuser combo. You can solve a raft of problems with that one item.

Two, real professional photographers (like me) use some pretty simple techniques a lot of times. But you'd never guess it from all the stuff you read on the photo blogs. I swear you'd think you can't take a picture without six cases of lights and three assistants from all the stuff you read. Sounds sexy but it just ain't so.


Bill Griffin


Please let me know when registration and place are open for your April 11th Atlanta workshop.



Jim Richardson

Bill, thanks for asking. From what I see on the Traveler Seminars website it looks like online registration is open right now.

Go here: http://ngtravelerseminars.com/photo.cfm

Then click on the "Registration" link. Get back to me if you have problems. Look forward to seeing you there.


Levinson Axelrod

Great reading about the light situation for dim areas. That was a very smart remedy you came up with.


so good iv just got to get out there now

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