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June 01, 2010



Hi Jim, I'm an Italian amateur photographer. I've bought your video about 5 days ago and... well, it's fantastic! It's fantastic to see a great photojournalist like you shooting in places and working with Aperture.

The only missing part is about photo adjustments, but I think your images aren't much retouched, is it right?

So thank you and thank David for this great video.


Allessandro, naw, I do some photo adjustments but it's just that this video was about workflow so that's what we focused on. Maybe we'll do and adjustments video in the future.
Hey, I'm really glad you enjoyed it. We had fun shooting it and putting it together.
Keep me posted.


prithwijit biswas

i am a novice photographer from india. my name is prithwijit. i am trying to buy a d slr camera for the first time. my budget is 23,000 rupees. can you suggest me anything, you can mail me as i am providing the information. i did'nt find ur email id anywhere. that's why i m asking u in the comment box. will you please help me out????

Frank Liebke

Hi Jim,

i am a professional Photographer in Germany, Province Brandenburg, my wife has give me your video to my birthday on 24.june and this video is so wonderful, thanks for your work. I like your photos. Developed you the raw with nikon nx(2) or now with aperture? I work with aperture and nikon d700 on my macbook pro, its work so slowly.
wherewith you stitch the panos, photoshop or ptgui? I make my panos with ptgui, a very good stitcher, my website

kind regards Frank

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